Closing Ceremonies

Drinking last night with Apolo was a friggin’ blast (dude!) – and who knew he was such an amazing cabler? But we had to take the long, pointy needles OUT of Chad’s fist – not cool!

Here I sit, surrounded by my gold, silver and bronze knitting medals, enjoying the ceremonies. I’ve claimed this Tilli Tomas yarn as my prize (yeah, until I have to send it off to the knitter – but it’s just so damned pretty!)

So I finished the bathing suit, a man’s colorwork hat, numerous swatches and an I’m Gonna Git You Sucka hat in Touch Me & Merino Soft

Here’s a a teddy bear sweater (for the kids school) that I worked up. If you’d like the PDF pattern, you can get it )here

I forced one of my students at The Point to wear my hat – thanks so much! and it looked relatively groovy on a human head. The class was wonderful – a terrific bunch of women who are very good knitters and EVERYONE cabled (and even moved on to a braided cable!) I was terribly winded, though – it was troubling how hard it was to walk and talk at the same time. Sitting is good. I need to figure a way to teach using the Think Method so I vocalize less. Most of my students would probably say that less talking wouldn’t be a BAD thing.

I want a red nose, too…(photo AP)

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