Love & Traffic

I arrived in Atlanta just in time for Rush Hour – something I’d heard shouldn’t be missed…

After spending what seemed like several days on 285W, I arrived in Marietta and checked into the Drury Inn. I am in LOVE with this hotel, and I will be certain to look for others when I’m on the road. There was a RECLINER in my room, wireless internet and they GAVE me soda and popcorn in my mini-bar. No $5 charge for water here…

The next morning off to Purly Gates – what a lovely group of women! Dana and Ginger made me feel as though I were a long lost relative and can those women wear HATS! I had the BEST time – we laughed and we knitted and I hope the class learned a lot. At one point, when asking for quiet in the room, I was told that it was futile to ask a room full of Southern women to be still. But knitting brain teasers’ll shut ANYONE up! When silence fell on the room I thought they’d all be stupified by my nattering, but they were just concentrating so hard on the cables and the lack of cable needle (and prince charming…)

When I’d finished signing books and left to drive to Watkinsville, I was just in time for – guess what? – Rush Hour Traffic on 285 Been there. So a 70 mile trip ended up taking me about 3 hours. Yes, I should have stopped and had dinner, but I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going and figured when I arrived I have a nice dinner with a beer and settle into the B&B.

But Watkinsville had other ideas. It’s a dry town – very dry – so dinner wasn’t the mind-erasing relaxation I’d hoped. I’m not a big drinker – as a matter of fact I have probably about 1 beer a month. But when I’m traveling I like to have a beer with dinner before I go to bed to help me readjust myself for a new day of teaching. Did I mention that Watkinsville is dry?

I drowned my sorrows in a pint of B&J NY Super Fudge Chunk, watched some ROME on the history channel and had a beautiful night’s rest at the stunningly beautiful Ashford Manner Bed & Breakfast – what a lovely place to stay! I’m here for THREE nights and I’m so excited! Life is good!

I’m currently taking a lunch break between classes at Main Street Yarns. This is a SENSATIONAL yarn shop – well worth a visit – with a big, lovely, open area in the back of the shop which would be a wonderful place to just hang out! Maybe I will – after my class… Right now I have to figure what I’m going to teach in my Tips &Tricks class – it’s the first time I’m teaching it (trying out material on the road…) and I’m hoping it goes well!

On Monday I’ll drive over to visit a cousin who lives in the area – it’s been so long since I’ve seen her – and that will be such a treat.

Oh, the book I mentioned in my last post was A Presumption Of Death and I enjoyed it quite a bit! Now I’m listening to White Teeth unabridged. I love my books on CD and a 6-CD changer!

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