Pondering Down Time

I’m at my cousin’s house – the kids have gone to school, Deb’s at her school (she teaches) and I’m here alone, watching CSPAN and returning emails. Soon I’ll be off in Atlanta traffic, but for the next 3 days I only have teaching gigs in the evenings, with my days free.

I ended up buying a really lovely quilt yesterday, plus a silk comfortor on sale at Target ($88 down to $19) It’s hot pink and Hannah will LOVE it! Washable silk, mmmmmmm I bought me a pillow, pillow cases (I’ve decided I’m tired of adjusting to a new pillow every night) and a new hat box to keep my current projects in while I’m traveling. As I move from shop to shop my boxes of books dwindle, so I have more room for – stuff – in the car.

I’m LOVING C-Span, but my cousin (who didn’t have cable until very recently) has pretty much talked me out of thinking about cable for the time being. She has two teenaged daughters at home, and just feels that the TV stuff gets out of control with cable. The point is moot, because I’ve told the kids we have a choice; interenet access or cable. So far we enjoy (require) the internet access much more than we would cable.

All of this time alone means that I can’t skirt the issue of GETTING WORK DONE. Procrastination, although fun, can’t be my MO while on the road. I’m lucky to have my cousin’s house to hang out in today – I may be able to assign some yarn to Romantic Knits projects, write a few patterns that need to be worked up, maybe even get in touch with some yarn companies (although my mail server out is wonky – have to figure THAT out…) to order yarn for projects.

I’m supposed to have yarn waiting for me at Knit Nouveau in Helena – stuff Gerry’s sending down that arrived the day that I left – so that I can start swatching a side-knit paneled skirt I’m working up for Interweave Knits. My hands are itching to get to the yarn.

But in the larger scheme, I’m so happy to have some time off – to think, to rework things – not to have to drive somewhere or teach every minute of the next few days. Down time is a wonderful thing, it allows me to think about things tomorrow…

Speaking of Tomorrow…

Here are two of my students from Main Street Yarns – Melanie and Ashley. They didn’t know each other before the class, they didn’t arrive together or anything, but I insisted that they pose for this photo. Now I feel my Georgia experience is complete.

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