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After a wonderful evening at Dunwoody Yarns showing off the hats and talking about methods of wiring and finishing hats, I was pooped! The ladies in the class were SO kind, so attentive and really seemed to grasp all of the concepts so quickly. I discovered later that many of those attending were also teachers at the shop, which explains why they were such a great audience.

The shop itself is lovely – tucked into a very nice shopping center in Dunwoody (which is just a beautiful area) and with a very nice selection of yarns. The shop isn’t as huge as some I’ve visited, and the selection wasn’t ginormous, but it was a good selection – a very nice array of yarns in great colors. AND THE BOOKS! The books were fabulous – one of the nicest selections I’ve seen in a yarn shop on my trip!

Julie owns the shop – she opened it with her mother, who discovered she had colon cancer right at the time the shop was opened. Of course we bonded – losing your mother at a relatively young age is something that – sadly – makes women into sisters. Apparently she didn’t even knit when the shop opened, but threw herself heart and soul into the craft and the business, and is a very admirable shop owner. I have met some of the most wonderful folks on this trip – as I was driving back to my cousin’s house last night I was thinking how much I’ve enjoyed every stop along this trip, and I am SO grateful to the shops for having me.

I arrived after everyone had gone to bed, so I let myself in and put myself to bed. I’m feeling very much at home this morning – having a cup of my favorite tea, watching C-span and doing a load of laundry. Could life get any better? Well, Gerry and the kids and Atticus and the cats could be here…

Today I drive up to Gwinnett for the Original Sewing and Quilt (and knitting) Expo – THAT should be fun – then on to Snellville for a Finishing Class at All That Yarn this evening, one of my favorite classes to teach!

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