It’s spring, and the wild turkeys seem to be coming out of the woods. Here are three that I saw behind the library in Woodstock, GA the other day.

And another Wild Turkey that’s been seen in these parts, too.

I do a KILLER wild turkey call, a very little known fact, and for some reason this seems to excite my husband. Who knew? I discovered this talent when I had to travel to Gallatin, TN every month to do a color OK on Life Magazine (back in the early 80’s when I worked in print production). One day they were having a turkey shoot at the plant and folks were trying different calls. I gave my attempt, something between a cough and a yodle and a nasal scream, and the turkey’s seemed to respond very well.

The car is packed and I’m heading out for Alabama! I’ve enjoyed my time in Atlanta and found folks to be so friendly and full of love! Thank you all for such a warm reception and so much fun!!

Next stop – Knit Nouveau – off to see Mercedes!!

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