On Time

It took me a while to find my way here today – it’s only 4 miles from my motel, but I got stuck behind a train on the way. We don’t have a lot of freight trains in NJ – the trains we do have tend to run on trestles over the street or in tunnels underneath it, so it’s not part of our daily traveling landscape. Well, not like here! Lots of trains, lots of tracks and lots of folks trying to beat the gates as they ring closed.

And then I kept driving past the building because I was being silly and just hadn’t noticed the sign (I saw that it was the Town Hall, and no matter how many times I looked at the sign it didn’t register until I drove by in the opposite direction – and Helena’s not that big a town!)

Max would LOVE to be here – every few minutes a new train goes by, whistles sounding and bells ringing – he would be in 8-year old boy HEAVEN!

Last night was a resting evening – watching the History Channel (can ANYONE tell me where Boudica would have purchased her personal hygiene products, her razors? She was one clean shaven early Briton…) eating some Little Caeser’s Pizza with a diet coke, reading, just lounging around. It’s good to have the evenings to rest up for a change instead of teaching every day or evening.

Today I taught Combination Knitting – then book signing and another class this afternoon (Cabling Sans Cable Needle). Tonight dinner with Mercedes and her DH, then more teaching tomorrow morning, The Corset Top, and a long drive to Greensville, SC before I teach there on Monday.

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