Catching up, Slowing Down

Today I sat on my behind for most of the day – math, math, math, math, math. It’s necessary, but too much of it is NOT fun!

In addition to my knitting life, I am creating the database for my kids’ school auction (taking place this weekend – come on by and bid on an amazing vacation or cool needlepoint kit!) That means that just about from the moment I arrived home on Wed I was up to my eyeballs getting the auction catalog, bid sheets, certificates, etc., finished and printed out for the woman who runs the auction (a saint, I tells ya!) Finally after sending off the necessary pages today so she can get it printed up I was able to ease myself back into my knittin’ life this afternoon.

Oy. Do I have a lot of stuff to do!

– The Calendar. Thank heaven I have help. Thank you, Drew! I sincerely apologize to those of you who have been writing me for updates on it – the update is, I’m scrambling to finish.

– Twist & Loop; I’ll be getting the final galleys this weekend and I’m told they need some more filler in places. I got good at filling things up on the road (here in NJ ALL gas stations are Full Serve! Eeek, how do you folks handle this in the cold, cold weather?)

– Dogs Who Knit; There’s math to go over, one project to finish, illustrations to make clearer and just general stuff. I met with my editor while in Asheville (another knitting editor who doesn’t knit – go figure – maybe it’s time for me to get that job as a marine biologist?) and I still have some written stuff to turn in on that.

– Projects for IK: I have a few to work up, a skirt and hat and a camisole type thing I’m dreaming up.

– Submissions: I’ve put so many off for so long, but I really owe some editors some sketches and swatches.

So today I got a pattern written, checked in with a few editors, did some math checking – a full and rich day. If I can get this much done each day when I’m home then it makes the going away easier to bear.

While I was away I took some cool photos that I meant to post –

Here’s a dam in Helena, AL that I strolled around. This was the day when I realized how much better my breathing was – a nice, long walk on an 80º Sunday morning before class.

Even a major chain like Panera isn’t imune to the charms of the Southern Vernacular.

Oh, and did I mention that after the auction on Saturday night I’ll be teaching in Philly on Sunday? I’m PUMPED to get back to Loop, one of my favorite shops!

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