If It's Wednesday, It Must Be A Headcold…

My body is a sensitive entity, it’s perfectly in sync with my mind, and as soon as I’ve finished a long project (or teaching trip) my mind gives my body permission to fall apart a little.

That happened yesterday – just in time for the Girl Scouts. The tip off that something was amiss should have been my exhaustion after teaching at Loop. Then yesterday around noon the school called – Hannah had a cold and just felt “bad”, so I needed to go pick her up. But still nothing too terribly bad seemed to be happening within my own knitting self.

I had promised a couple of months ago to teach knitting to a Brownie Troop in Kinnelon (Hi Troop 2258!) and the date we set was yesterday afternoon. I had been on buzzing auto pilot for most of the weekend (school auction, teaching at Loop) but I could tell that my body was getting pretty darned PO’d at my mind for keeping it running after my 2 weeks in the south. As a matter of fact, my body was getting so pissy that on the way to Kinnelon my nose went on a full blown protest marathon and started running. It ran throughout the lesson (and I’m hoping to heaven I didn’t infect any of the groovy girls I taught…) and continued to run until I got home. Then it sprinted for a bit, then it started running again and ran all night.

Not liking to run alone, it brought along my throat (sore), by joints (achy) and my head (exploding) for the ride.

I took my standby, Alka Seltzer Night Time Cold, but this runny-nose-cold-thing would NOT be calmed and I was up and down all night. I could tell I was sick when I got up because I had to wade through a foot of tissues I’d tossed onto the floor after using them in my sleep!

So today I tackle calendar stuff – a full day of editing – and Hannah is home sick, too. Rest, indeed.

The good news – the GREAT news – is that whether it’s the Chinese herbs or the meds I’ve been taking from my doc, my breathing is phenemonally better. Even with the head cold I can inhale and – more importantly – exhale easier than I’ve been able to in months. I’ve been on the Chinese Herbs for 1-1/2 weeks now, and pretty much since a few days after I started taking them I sensed a strong shift in my lung capacity. I’m supposed to continue with them for another 2-1/2 months, so we’ll see where I am in early June!

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