Full Heart (& Lungs)

Being home is so wonderful – my kids are amazing, my husband is the kindest man I’ve ever known, and Atticus can’t get over the fact that, “You’re HERE! You’re really HERE!

I think my limit from this point on will be 1 week away – after I finish up the gigs I’ve already scheduled.

Speaking of gigs, I feel terrible announcing that I have to cancel the lecture I was going to give at the NY Handweavers Guild today. This cold thingie got worse (of course) and moved to my lungs. That must be one hot property because EVERYONE wants to move into my lungs. When I get that heavy hearted feeling I know that there will be more doctor visits, more hemming and hawing, more procedures and, eventually, more airflow.

Right now I’m experiencing dueling sensations with my breathing. My lung capacity is greater than it’s probably been since last Summer, the herbs & meds are working beautifully (the place I ordered them, by the way, is www.hnmrc.net – there are many places to order Chinese herbs, but this was suggested by a friend).

At the same time, though, my lungs are full of wet, icky, stuff. So full, in fact, that it felt for a bit like pneumonia – but apparently this is just how colds will settle in my lungs (perhaps for the time being) so a headcold is more serious that I had originally thought.

The doctor told me this, and the COPD websites I visited also said, “At the first sign of a cold alert your doctor.” – but of course, I didn’t. I mean, it was just a COLD, right?

So now I’m being a good girl. Resting (which, in my case, means writing patterns and knitting like a fiend to finish a few projects) and taking my meds. I should be patched up by mid week and perfect by Friday when I shuffle off to Buffalo.

I’m finishing up a crocheted jacket for a book and – like the poor – the crochet calendar is always with us…

I’m hoping to:

– finish the crochet jacket and send off the pattern to the book author.

– have a marathon pattern formatting session today and tomorrow and get a huge amount of the patterns in and shipped off.

– I also need to assign more yarn for Romantic Knits projects (I’ve been slow in this, please don’t fret if you’ve been waiting for me to get in touch with you!)

– and work up a modular hat in Silk Rhapsody by Artyarns(what a delicious yarn!) for IK. I am in love with this yarn – and I’m not usually a mohair fan – and am considering this project my treat for the week!

– as well as a skirt in 2 magnificent new yarns by Tilli Tomas – Nile & Cleopatra (not on their website yet…) These yarns are dupioni silk ribbon (Nile) with beads (Cleopatra).

New Pattern!

I’m FINALLY offering the pattern for the mitered jacket I showed before on my website!

Let’s see how it goes – maybe we’ll have a knitalong!

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