Who will be 200?

I put the frappr map up for a laugh (and some might say it’s a pitiful number of dots compared to other maps) but I think it’s amazing and I get a little frisson of excitement every time a new person signs up. Now I’m up to 199 – very cool… Who will be 200???

I’ve had to redo some of my stock tech images for the books I’m working on – a very good thing – so here’s cabling without a cable needle for the audience at home. The illustrator will take these clear(er) images and make sketches, but for those who’d like to see my hands in semi-action, here is cabling without a cable needle!

I’m behind in submissions – damn – and plan to devote a good amount of time this morning to getting some stuff together to send out. Yi-ikes, how time gets away from me! I’m leaving Friday for Buffalo and points north, so I plan to get my act together on Thursday and copy my handouts, finalize my maps, etc. TIme for another visit to AAA!

Finally I’m getting the pages together – nothing like waiting until the proverbial 11th hour! Sometimes when I do something I jump right in, but on a task like the calendar a bit of planning can make the whole thing go so much faster. The database I’ve developed over 2 years now makes importing the calendar days and auxillary info into Quark easier than it was last year – yay –

The weekend was hard – doctors were consulted, drugs were taken, it’s all a blur of hacking and coughing. It’s an odd feeling to feel that my lungs are so much better (they are!) and then to have this damned cold. It’s like losing a ton of weight, then wearing horizontal stripes.

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