Lofty Class

Today I taught two classes (Embellishments/Buttonholes & Combo Knitting) in a loft in Rochester. What a cool space!

The light was amazing – even though the day was overcast for part of the day (and sunny the other part – welcome to the Great Lakes!) everyone was able to see what they were doing beautifully. As the buttonhole class started I had a false start when I told the class to work up a diagonal buttonhole that I hadn’t included on the page, but I got my legs back and – hopefully – the class found my honesty disarming. Yeah, I can dream…

The students were so dilligent – I think I’ve rarely had a harder working group! Even though I think I’m talking slow with my COPD, I find that I still run on and on like a house on fire. But even so, I was surprised when, only an hour into the Combo class, we’d already covered the purl, the knit, ribbing AND the Grandma increase – and EVERYONE GOT IT! This is a red-letter day indeed!!

I will be going over to Wild Wools this evening for a book signing, and I’ll be so thrilled to FINALLY see the shop! Lucinda was just fabulous today – I can only imagine how excellent her shop is! I’ve heard it’s small, but being from the NY area, that’s never influenced my opinion of a yarn shop! It’s the selection and spirit of the shop, not the quantity. I dig their website!

A few notes for some commenters:

Marilyn: I’d love to email you – do you want to email me directly? annie at modeknit dot com
Carina: It was definitely NOT Grand Rapids. Sad that there could be two out there, huh?
Pixie: Sorry about the car – I will definitely pursue it!
Christine (lawyer): I’d love to correspond with you – could you email me directly? Thanks!

And to all – please know that I LOVE the South – I had a TREMENDOUS time there and I cannot wait to go back!!!

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