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I’ve been hoping to hear back from the yarn shop owner in Snellville. I was hoping that she’d email me, call me, or just send a check. She’s finally responded, and her insistence that there are “two sides to every story” are true. I’d LOVE to hear her side, believe me! Of course she has a side – I just can’t see where she has any justification for, basically, stealing money.

Here’s a link to her own blog if you’d like to read what she’s written.

And sinced her comments are moderated (not a bad idea, I moderate mine, too, to avoid spam or duplicate posts, but please know that I have not blocked any posts that are positive about her shop – none have been posted.) here’s my own response to her. You’ll have to read it here as it will not be showing up at her blog.

Why Do I Write About This
I write about this because it’s important. It’s a big part of my life now in that I do this (knitting, teaching) as my livelihood. Keeping quiet is what makes folks feel they can get away with unfairness.

I’m trying to be as fair as I can about the incident although I do understand that it’s not possible to be totally objective about ourselves) and would be thrilled to publish any points she’d like to make as to why she felt it was proper to cancel payment on a well taught class without any notice or reason given. I still don’t know what her reasoning was, aside from what I’ve mentioned in the earlier post. If there’s a different reason, if the class was bad, if I was late, if I didn’t show up, if I didn’t fulfill my contractural obligation – I’d love to hear it.

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