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It’s hard for me to say enough about how welcomed both the Buffalo Guild and Wild Wools made me feel while in Western New York.

While in Buffalo I stayed with Jill, a pilates instructor who – along with several other artisans – recently opened up a collective shop. I didn’t get a chance to visit it when I was there this weekend, but I’ll be passing back through B’flo and staying with Jill again, so I’ll get a chance to see Looped.

Jill’s home made me think of my own – right down to the friendly dogs! When I arrived she had beautiful tulips (my favorite flower) in my room and a big basket of stuff that I may need but might have forgotton (toothbrush, Q-tips, lotion, etc.) What a thoughtful thing! Every day she brought me a mug of tea – my favorite wake up – and somehow knew exactly how much alone time I needed vs. how much chat time I craved. She is an excellent hostess, and I am very grateful to her!

When I arrived in Rochester I was blown away by the Inn on Broadway. It’s so luxurious in the details without being too self-impressed, and Lucinda at Wild Woods had left me the most beautiful flowers by my table along with a stunning hand-made knitting bag filled with Rochester area goodies (and a gorgeous mug made by Lucinda’s mother, a potter!)

The class yesterday was a dream – and after a rainy evening book signing at Wild Wools – a jewel of a shop, small but with an exceptional selection that reflects the personality of the owner beautifully – Lucinda and Rachel and I went out to dinner at the hotel restaurant. I felt guilty because it was my suggestion, and the prices were definitely on the steep side, but the food was absolutely amazing and I think all three of us reveled in the opportunity to celebrate a very successful day of teaching.

I love Rochester and Buffalo! More of this and I will be spoiled!

I have a connection by marriage to this region – my husband attended SUNY Brockport and worked in Rochester for many years in TV production. When he talks about it, it’s with the warmth that we all have for formative places where we spent a good part of our young adult-hood. We will definitely be coming back up here with the kids soon, it’s so lovely here!

Apparently I missed being able to take the ferry from Rochester to Toronto by a few days – but that really wasn’t my plan, anyway…

I have 2 days to rest before moving on to Toronto for classes at the end of the week, and I intend to use them to get some knitting done, do a little writing and spend as much time alone as I can. I need my alone time – as kind and wonderful as everyone’s been to me – to recharge my batteries.

Being with folks, being “on”, can be an energy drain. As much as I get from my students (and I get SO much love and inspiration from them) I also expend a lot of energy that must be renewed.

So today I’m planning a bucolic visit to the Genesee Country Village & Museum just south of Rochester. I love these kinds of places (we visited the Farm Museum in Cooperstown on our honeymoon and it was one of our favorite days!) and it seems a perfect place to find some peaceful bench and knit away like a maniac. I have several books on CD (right now I’m listening to Elizabeth and Mary – a very good history of the relationship between the Queens) and will enjoy a chance to go back in time on a lovely Spring day.

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