Queen for a Day

I was remiss in not mentioning my Buffalo’s hostesses toilet. There – I’ve said it. When I arrived at her home I LOVED her bathroom, and wanted to take a photo of the toilet and post it on my blog, but it just felt too personal. Today I drove back to Buffalo (didn’t do the Genesee village – too cold) and arrived at Jill’s house and CRASHED into bed. I slept for 4 hours and BOY did I need that – I feel like a new woman!

When I got up Jill was home and we chatted a bit. When I learned that she was a little disappointed that I hadn’t mentioned her bathroom on my blog (even though I’d photographed and kvelled over the bathroom at the Inn on Broadway in Rochester) I leapt up and snapped a shot of the throne. It’s quite special – really stunning – the photo doesn’t do it justice. Obviously I need a life…

Jill just opened a yarn and fiber shop (part of a 9 shop collective) called Looped and this morning Buffalo Rising.com had a really nice piece on it (and you can see a shot of her, drunk, at her opening party!) I’m so happy for her!

I was telling her that one of the joys of getting out of the NY Area is seeing how genuine the arts communities tend to be in the less traveled burgs. We get myopic outside of NY, it’s well known that we feel it’s the center of the world (and, it is, in some ways…) but there’s a joyful, giddy, fun loving attitude about ART that I miss sometimes when I’m near NYC. We can take ourselves way to seriously, and it’s just good to get out and see how sophisticated, fun, talented and gifted folks are all over the place!

But you all knew that.

And now, for something completely different, one of the cutest dogs in the world wearing a stunning doggie scarf

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