Getting and Spending

I visited a very small yarn shop today – Jill’s boutique corner of a neighborhood collective, Looped and I bought more yarn than I have in months.

I’m not usually a yarn buyer – I rarely have time to knit just for ME, and when I am knitting it’s a piece for a book or magazine, etc., and that yarn is usually supplied by the yarn company. The down side is that I have to turn in the piece and generally don’t see it again.

But today I splurged. FIrst, we had a wonderful light lunch/tea at True Tea (and, I must say, the Green Tea Cheesecake was absolutely DIVINE!)

I got two T-shirts for the kids and one for my hub (by New Bufffalo Graphics)

Then Jill showed me her corner of the collective. Her yarns were gorgeous, but I was just looking…

… UNTIL she took me back to her workshop space and I saw the ribbon yarn hanging on the way.

First I bought these two skeins of my fav colors (blue and green) BABY, it’s COLD here (snowing – ew…) and I have no winter coat, so I guess I’ll have to work myself up a quick scarf/shawl, huh?

Jill left the room for a minute, and I heard a small voice calling to me from behind some other amazing ribbon yarn

And there it was – the ribbon of my dreams.

Before she got back into the room I had it half rolled into a ball, and was already dreaming of the shawl I’m going to make with it for Romantic Knits – I am so psyched!

So – a fruitful day of rest and relaxation, and spending! And I did some work, too, but don’t spread it around…

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