The Duke

Last night I had the nicest time!

… and, once again, the Candian knitters I’ve been honored to have in my classes are entirely TOO GOOD! What do they do, give them needles in the womb? (that would hurt…)

The class last night was 11 (13 were scheduled, but it was a cold and rainy Friday evening so a couple couldn’t make it) That was probably for the best becase we were pretty well squeezed into Lettuce Knit. But it was a cozy kind of squeezing…

I taught the same class – a colorwork class – and even threw in a few extras near the start. And yet – again – the students picked up the techniques so quickly that I added more to the back end of the class. I need to go home and think up new color ideas to add, backup stuff for those gifted classes! The worst thing in the world is to be bored at a class!

There’s a fine line to walk when teaching, you don’t want to bore any of the experienced students, but you don’t want to go so quickly that you befuddle newer knitters. And then there’s that inevitable brain freeze that happens near the end of an evening class (especially near the end of a long week!) that makes even K1, P1 seem beyond comprehension.

So when all was said and done, the only think left to do was go to the Duke – a great bar (er, pub?) not far from the shop. I thought it was just going to be a few of us from the class, so I was pretty surprised (happily!) to walk in and find a bunch of Toronto knitters, all drinking and knitting and having a fine old time!

I sat across from Amy Singer (Knitty) and heard about an upcoming Italian cooking and knitting trip which sounds amazing! Did I mention I’ll be going to Minneapolis? Perhaps I’ll have some Italian food while I’m there… Amy gets Enchanted April – I’ll be experiening a Prairie Spring.

One beer later (which, in “American”, is like 3 beers – it’s the beer exchange rate) I drove back to good ol’ Motel 6, dropped off to sleep and dreamed about seeing my kids again. Geeze, I miss them!

Today I’m off to Village Yarns for a class in the Cocoon Sweater and the Corset. I love both of these projects, and I’m really looking forward to the class. Two students who will be in the class were at Lettuce Knit last night, and we had a BLAST! I’ve been so lucky with my wonderful students on this trip – Vive Canada!

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