Froelich Pesach!

Spring is here and the holidays are upon us!

I’m home – hooray – and the adrenaline I run on when I’m out of town has deserted me. Rest, that’s what home’s good for, rest and love and a different kind of work.

I have a ton of stuff to get through, but I’m starting slow so I don’t entirely burn myself out (burn, baby, burn!) I’m taking a few days this week to finish up knit and crochet projects. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes knitting, and it’s doing amazing things for my mental health and stamina. I need to knit to keep myself on track – Knit to Live / Live to Knit

The photo above is from Hannah’s wedding 2 weeks ago. Yes, weddingheaven help us.

At Hannah’s Hebrew school they study the life cycle, and since many of the kids have never seen a Jewish wedding (much less participated in one…) they perform one as a kind of play, assigning parts (Hannah was Mother Of The Bride – how are we going to PAY for this?) It’s actually a very sweet idea, all of the other Hebrew School classes come and watch, and afterward they have a nice oneg (nosh) and parents get to meet each other. Mazel Tov!

Looking at Max and Gerry it struck me how similar they are – I always see this and wonder if anyone else does – from the shape of their mouths to the way they hold their head. Folks say Maxie looks like me, but that’s all because of the red hair. He’s really so much a small Gerry that it makes me verklempt.

And Hannah? As she and her “husband” walked their “daughter” up to the huppa, she looked like she was really angry with him (see, they know how to do a wedding just like adults!) and when she took her seat she crossed her legs in a very grown up way. All that was missing was a highball and a cigarette. My little girl’s growing up…

I’m kicking myself that I don’t have a picture of her at the wedding – we didn’t take a camera (the above shot was via cell phone) but I did check out my Frappr map recently and saw her shoutout. No, Hannah, I’m YOUR mom and I’M proud!

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