Moses Jr. Goes To Yale

There’s a film review by Dorothy Parker of The Ten Commandments where she uses the phrase, “Moses Jr. Goes to Yale” or something like that. For the life of me I can’t find it now, but I know I read it. When I was in college I read (and memorized) a lot of DP – it suited my disaffected, out-of-place, poor girl at a rich school mindframe – but one can only take so much bitterness so I’d intersperse my DP with long sessions of MGM movie musical viewings.

So I feel like Zipporah Jr. going off to Yale (okay, Saybrook College) this weekend for a tea and a talk about knitting. (Checking out their website I see that Deb Stoller was to speak yesterday – although it says Thursday the 14th – so this must be knitting week for them!) It’s going to be at 4:00pm and I’m going to stay overnight (at Yale! Boola boola!) and I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s not busy is welcome to come. I’m sorry not to have more details (a location would be nice…) but I’m going to talk about hats (Easter!) and other kniting fun stuff.

High school dropout with a Masters speaks at Yale – details at eleven. They turned me down for grad school. Probably heard I was a high school drop out… And, the fact that it’s Passover, and YALE just adds to the Moses stuff. I’m overexplaining this, huh?

Bad news on the calendar. The files that I sent to the publisher were corrupted, and apparently all of the files I saved in the version of Quark I was using (6.5) are corrupted, too. They use Quark 5, so it’s dicey if they can open files from 6.5 any way, but when I go back I’m not able to open them myself. Damn. It’s not as devastating as it might be because I have all of the original text, formatted, and just have to input it again into the template and add the images, but it’s work.

Picasso said that, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction” so perhaps this calendar is beginning with an act of destruction? Today I’ll write patterns all day, tomorrow I’ll be at Yale, Sunday is Easter (eggs, chocolate, etc.) so on Monday – after I hear back from my publisher – I’ll start again on the calendar. I’m thinking that I can whip out a month in about 3 hours now that I’ve done it once and everything is formatted, so I feel pretty sure I can get through the whole year by the end of the week. Yeah, right.

Next week I’m also FINALLY going to start assigning yarns and knitters to projects for Romantic Knits. I’m going to start with knitters who worked for me on Men Who Knit at indentured servant wages – I owe it to them to give them a better project with better pay this time, it’s the least I can do.

The budget on this book is better (by the time I paid my knitters on Men Who Knit I’d run through my entire advance – let’s hope the book is a hit or I will have lost money on it!) but I won’t have to go so far out on a limb for this one. If I haven’t been in touch with you and I said I would, don’t despair! I probably will sometime next week.

I’m FINALLY going to be doing something with Habu – I’m using some of the sterling silver wire they sell for a bracelet for a new book, and I’m very excited! I’ve wanted to work with them for years, I’ve been lazy in not getting in touch with them, so this is a nice, easy way to get an introduction. Hmmm, maybe I can use one of their yarns in Romantic Knits…

On Tuesday Sabrina Gschwandtner from KnitKnit is coming by with a photographer to take some photos of my “studio” – um, did someone say dining room – for a new book on up and coming fiber folks.

Whether I’m up-and-coming or down-and-going is open for discussion, but I’m going to pamper myself and get a facial because my skin is looking icky (why? All that coughing!) and I want to glow! This is the book that I worked up the bathing suit for, so I’m psyched to see the whole thing completed so I can finally see the suit on a model (they’ll be photographing it in Miami, it hasn’t been photographed yet…)

Parlez Vous?
Évidemment je ne parle pas français, est-ce que mais je me demande s’il y aurait un marché pour mes modèles traduits en Français? Faites-moi savoir si ceci ferait appel à vous – il est quelque chose que je pondering… and, perhaps also obviously, I’d be hiring a real, live French speaker and pattern tester to do the translation not just of the pattern, but of the knitting terms, etc. Any interest in this?

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