No Male Cheerleaders Sighted

But I had a terrific time (or maybe that’s part of why I had a terrific time?)

I arrived at Saybrook College, part of Yale, mid-afternoon and that gave me enough time to go to my room, rest a bit, brush my teeth and comb my hair and just enjoy the feeling that I was a Yalie (albeit briefly) in a pretty darned nice room with a neato bathroom (LOVE the tile floor!)

And a nice, quick lie-down before the tea.

And there was TEA! Lots of tea, lots of cookies and flour-free desserts (I can never eat much before talking to a group or teaching, so I didn’t sample most of the stuff, but the tea was excellent!)

The talk went very nicely. I felt like a fraud because – with the exception of 2 knitting tips – I just talked about me. Well, if you do something well, you should do it a lot.

The room was nicely filled – no one was standing, but few chairs were empty – a very decent turnout for the day before Easter and mid-Pesach.

I met many lovely knitters as well as some yarn shop owners and there were even a couple of male knitters (hey guys!) who brought a niece (?) who asked my favorite question; “What kind of needles do you like?”

Because she was 10 I couldn’t give my stock answer*, but it’s such a nice and smart question that I was very impressed. It gives me a chance to do a little ad for the long, straight needles which have fallen out of fashion – I’m an anomaly, I love the old needles!

I also met Lauren, who had knit one of my first sweaters to appear in Interweave Knits about 4 years ago, and I was so impressed and touched that she brought it to model for me. Isn’t she lovely? Thank you, Lauren!

Maybe it was being at Yale, but I found myself comparing wool to Proust (the memory thing) A shout-out to Betty Ann, a Denison Alum like me (and, oddly, for a period of time my nickname at DU was “Annie Betty” – go figure!) I ment so many kind and wonderful knitters, I truly felt at home and loved.

Overall, though, I felt a bit self conscious.

I’m feeling too concious of myself these days – not as much as when I was 15 (is that possible?) – but just a little hyper aware of myself, how I may be coming across to folks, what folks might think of me – and it’s not helpful.

(I need to work on regaining my devil-may-care critics-be-damned attitude if I’m going to keep my sanity. A little self awareness = good; too much = paralyzing.)

Yale itself was magnificent – I so enjoyed being there, and spending time with my wonderful hostess Mary Miller, the Master (Mistress?) of Saybrook College. Yale University is made up of many colleges, each with a Master and a dining hall. It’s far different from my own college experience (which I loved).

Sunday I slept in a bit, then met a good friend at Cracker Barrel for breakfast (oatmeal AND biscuits – can life be better?) then back home for some yard work, hiding easter eggs and a little mini-hunt for the kids.

It’s odd how Hannah clings to the concept of an Easter Bunny but Max is pretty much over the mystery of it – he just wants the chocolate.

*I like my needles like I like my men

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