Prepping for Minnesota

I’m getting my stuff together for Minneapolis, and I’m getting excited! Although I need to fly – and I hate to fly – I’m so excited about finally making it to the mini-apple!

I worked through a few deadline projects yesterday – hooray – and I’m feeling pretty fabulous! I also visited the doc and was told that apparently the meds I’m on for COPD can cause increased chance of infection (a little counter productive, no?) so that’s what I’ve been fighting through for the past weeks – my body trying to get infected and my brain saying, “NO WAY!”

The body won.

So back onto antibiotics plus a course of steroids so I’m in tip top shape for my next round of teaching. And, for good measure, my doc thinks that I should start taking Allegra D, but I’m thinking twice about that (so many drugs, so little time…)

My neighbor is moving at the end of the month, and we’re rather sad. She has two adorable boys who play with Max and Hannah, but the good news is that she’s only going 3 blocks away (to her dream house – which is currently in the nightmare stage for her – pre-moving angst) and our kids will be going to summer camp together, so we’ll see lots of each other. I actually haven’t seen as much of my friends locally lately due to my intense travel schedule and more intense calendar work when I HAVE been home – I’m hoping that as the days lengthen I’ll get more done (ha!) and have more time to hang with some friends in the neighborhood.

We have a pretty stellar block – very nice folks, trees, shade – just lovely. I know that one day I’ll move from South Orange, but it will be a very sad day for me! Every time I travel and return home Gerry says, “So, should we move to _______?” – he’s in escape mode. He wants to escape from the high property taxes in NJ in general, and South Orange specifically (we pay more in taxes than in mortgage) and I think he just wants to escape from NY a bit, too. Me, I’d be happy just about anywhere – and I’m fortunate to have work that I can do just about anywhere! I must say that Buffalo was pretty appealing…

I’ve received a lot of emails asking about resolution, as well as a few comments, so here it is. You can draw whatever conclusions you like from this – but for my money a picture (of a check) is worth 1,000 words.

And, with thanks to Rachel Maddow, here’s something that made me snort my tea this morning because I was laughing so hard when I heard it on Air America!

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