LOVING Minnesota!

I arrived in a rainstorm, and was REALLY not looking forward to the hike to the baggage claim, the struggle with the bags to the rental car bus, the long wait – soggy – at the rental car place and a less-than-friendly counter person giving me a sub-standard car. But I’d steeled myself and I was ready for the cr*p attached to travel and rental car stuff.


As we flew into Minneapolis (the flight was lovely, by the way, I had a whole row to myself – SPREAD out and crocheted while listening to Wicked on mp3) I looked down and saw LAKES – it looked like hundreds of them – all over the place! Water, water, water! I loved this little lake with the ball field in front of it.

As I got off the plane I saw one of those “Smart Cart” rental things, which I feel are a rip-off until I realize 30 feet later that I’d gladly pay $5 to put down my bags. So I spent the $3.00, knowing that as soon as I found the rental car bus I’d have to leave my little cart behind.

But, happily, I was able to wheel my cart all the way to the luggage carousel – where (guess what?) my bags were WAITING for me. I packed them onto the cart and headed off to find the bus. The rental car bus is my least favorite part of flying.

But – there is no rental car bus at this airport!!!

You take the tram (WITH the smart cart) over to the garage, then take the elevator up to the car rental floor. So civilized. Gerry pointed out to me that they know how to deal with cold weather here.

This time I got the collision insurance. Yes, I’d be covered on my NJ policy if I had another fender bender, but to forego the headache is worth $70. When the woman who waked me to my car heard that I loved PT Cruisers, look what she gave me!

Am I in heaven, or what? Free upgrade – woohoo! Then I drove to Shelley Hermanson’s house – she’s arranging the Yarn Over Event and I had some books shipped to her house.

Actually, I meant to have 100 books shipped from my printer because I went to press a few weeks ago and it seemed stupid to pay to have 100 books sent to me, then have me turn around and send them right back to Minnesota. Unfortunately my printer made a mistake and instead of sending 50 books to Rochester, 100 books to Buffalo, 100 books to Minneapolis and the rest to me, they sent the correct number to Rochester and Buffalo, but the ENTIRE balance (500 books) to Minneapolis.

You can imagine the email I got from Shelley – but she was very wonderful about it (and dragged EVERY FRIGGIN’ BOX into her house so they wouldn’t get wet…) The printer sent UPS over the next day to pick up all but 100 of the books and send them back to me. That’s what’s in the back of the PT Cruiser, the 100 books that were left at Shelley’s house. I sure hope I sell them, I don’t want to drag them home! Shelley and I sat a bit, gabbed, but I was feeling really tired and wanted to get to the hotel and veg out.

Driving from Shelley’s to the hotel I took all backroads – stayed off of the highways (they’re S L O W out here when it rains) and saw SO much magnificent architecture. It’s no secret that my favorite style of home is a Bungalow – it’s my dream to someday own one and I passed so many stout, sturdy, well balanced homes on the way here it was all I could do not to stop the car and run like Margaret O’Brien up the front steps of one.

After I checked in I went out to find a sandwich – and wandered into a joint called “Maverick” where I got an AMAZING pulled pork sandwich. Heaven on a bun. So how happy can one woman be, huh? Tomorrow I need to be at the Yarn Over at 7:30 am – but I have cable (woo hoo!) and an evening of terrific movies, lots of good knitting and some pattern writing to get through! All that’s missing are the kids and husband {sigh}

Of course I called Gerry immediately and told him he had to FIND A JOB IN MINNESOTA. I could love this place.

I do love this place.

Oh – the interview yesterday was really fun! I had a great time, I got to show off South Orange (I love you, South Orange, I won’t forsake you too easily…) and now I live in fear until the photos come out.

Here’s a snapshot taken last week by the other photographer who came to visit (actually, Sabrina took this shot of me with my dopey little mini cam) Que pense? It’s not too obvious that I, ahem, whitened my teeth a bit, huh?

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