Lambikins Hideaway

I had the BEST day today – I LOVE Lambikins Hideaway!

This is such an amazing and lovely shop – I’ve seldom seem such a rich and full selection. There’s room EVERYWHERE for the knitters, the lookers, the touchers and feelers, the yarn huggers and smellers (hi Laurie!) and even the yarn buyers – this is a magnificent shop!

The drive down was wonderful – I left at 8:30 (after kissing the kids goodbye, hugging Atticus – who was very unhappy with me – and taking a peek at the roses whose blooming I’ll miss) and headed West. The drive was good and fast, and I was amazed and gratified to arrive at 7:00 at my host’s home, where there was a beer with my name on it (actually, Sam Adam’s name…) and we all settled onto the back porch for a lot of laughing and some knitting.

My hosts are so wonderful! I’m going to enjoy staying here SO much!

You all know that I’m a little bathroom obsessed, and “my” bathroom here at Donna’s house is so beautiful! If I were going to re-do a bathroom (hey, I AM!) I’d use this one as a model. White, white, white – yet so interesting and textured.

So after a delicious and restful sleep, off to Lambikins Hideaway and a class of rowdy, chatty, fun and enthusiastic knitters. WHAT A GROUP! If they had half as much fun as I did they got their money’s worth! The skill of the knitters was tremendous, and everyone got a really nice head start working on their Cocoon Jackets.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at the Montgomery Inn – I’ve been told it’s a landmark and that it might not be the best idea to wear my Jane Q Liberal T-shirt… I’ll write about it today, but I’ve been told that the ribs and the shrimp are landmark. Hmmmm….

Now that you all know how much I love Yorkshire Gold, I’ll show you my new favorite mug! This is the mug I went nuts over in Minnesota that Jennie-the-potter created for me. She’s still working on her website, and I promise that as soon as she goes live I’ll have a link to her site – I, personally, cannot WAIT!

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