Another Cheap Motel…

I’m a yarn floozie, see? I hole myself up in one cheap motel after another, doing unspeakable things with yarn, winding balls and knitting swatches and watching old movies on TCM. I can’t admit there’s a problem, but I can’t deny the string out the window attached to a ball of Touch Me.

Geeze Louise? When is Gerry getting out here?

When I drive in the afternoons I get tired – it’s the warmth and the sun and relaxing – so I usually pull over and nap. Today I pulled over and checked into a motel, settled in with my new yarn from Lambikins Hideaway (and, yes, I think it would be nice worked up in the corset, but work it up tight because it relaxes when it’s washed!)

This morning after yet another refreshing night chez Donna (one of the nicest hostesses I’ve had the pleasure of visiting – she’s such a doll and made me feel like a member of the family in her beautiful home!) I stopped by LK for my final goodbye and to pick up some yarn. I have an idea for a matelasse type of swatch, with some embroidery over it. Now I have something to do (!) tonight!

Tomorrow I’ll visit my old stomping ground in Granville – Denison (den o’ sin) and then drive on up to Wooster for some fabulous fiber and teaching over the weekend. In the mean time, I’m plugged into the intenet at a Comfort Inn in Columbus, and enjoying myself immensely.

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