Veni, Vidi, Vomit I came, I saw, I barfed

They call Cedar Point the “Roller Coast” and it’s true. We rode SO many roller coasters and thrill rides that by the end of the night I was dizzy and woke up with terrible speed induced heartburn at 2:30.

I was on the very LAST run of the Skyhawk, a giant swinging ride that debuted this season. OH MY GOD. Yes, that’s what I kept screaming for the entire ride. Why did I go? Hannah climbed aboard and I wasn’t going to let her go alone. I’m such a good (if stupid) mommy.

We arrived in the late afternoon for the Starlight ticket (5pm – 10pm), which is $25 and still got us a good 5 hours of ride time (MORE than enough time for Mom…) with the extra bonus that we don’t burn as badly in the evening. As we drove up to CP and parked the skies opened up and the great deluge begain. We sat in the car listening to Eragon until the rain passed.

As soon as we got into the park the kids were chomping for their rides of choice (Hannah, rough and wild; Max, mild and car-oriented) So we started with the old carousel – fun for all and the only ride that was working immediately after the rain.

Han and I moved on to a few thrill and roller coaster rides (my hands down favorite was Iron Dragon – perhaps it was the influence of Eragon) but I let Hannah ride Mantis alone. Max and Dad were happy on the train, on the antique cars, and on the sports cars. I did talk Max into the Blue Streak, though, and the lack of a line is testament to visiting CP immediately after a lightening and thunder storm passes!

The kids moaned and attempted to whine on the way to the car as each ride closed (NO WHINING at Cedar Point!) but minutes after we’d closed the doors on the car Max was fast asleep, and within 20 minutes of climbing into bed Hannah was in the same state.

Hannah is dreaming of sky diving and Max of gas fumes.

Car Angst in the Motor City
So this morning we hit the road for Dearborn, MI for a visit to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We anticipated arriving before noon so we’d get 5 hours of walking and looking in, but our plans were waylaid by two sad events.

Excuse me, ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?

In my defense allow me to say that we were on a detour for Rt 75, and the speed limit had gone from 70 to 55 mph. I was going a little over 65, hence the ticket. Welcome to Michigan.

A bit more serious was Gerry’s run in with a truck tire that exploded in front of him. He ran over a chunk of rubber which kicked up into his car and put a hole in something that has to do with the engine getting hot. This is when we’re VERY happy to be traveling with 2 cars. Ironically, we can see this big tire from our hotel room. It’s not a ferris wheel any longer – if it were that would magnificently draw together this whole blog entry, huh?

We’re told it will be fixed tomorrow afternoon, so that gives us a chance to spend the whole day at the HF&GV, then we’ll stay in this manificent room for yet another night before we leave for Mackinaw City. Atticus loves it.

Heaven help any moose or bear that wander into our paths.

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