A Whole New Day!

The car is being towed… But the good news is today I picked up the car in the afternoon and the entire damage (to me) was $0.00. Chrysler didn’t get off so cheaply, but that’s why we love the warranty!

I woke up surrounded with a green veil in a comfy bed, with a cat looking down at my from above… A black cat with green eyes, staring at me through a window, hungry, wanting me to get up and pet and/or feed her. It felt like being home…

The whole backyard of the glassed in porch-room where I’m staying is green, green, green – so lovely and so peaceful – and a wonderful place to wake up and get my head back on straight!

So today after a really cool breakfast of eggs, rice, bananas and tomato (yes, it was delicious…) my hostess took me out to a friend’s home where we had thrown together a six person class on knit millinery (after my previous engagement fell through we were able to cobble together two classes over the next two days – one on millinery and one on cabling without a cable needle tomorrow) and we had a BLAST!

The knitters were really into new techniques, and I tried to cover everything that might need to be accomplished (technique-wise) to create a millinery piece. We made small, round, wired swatches, crocheting the circles that we created onto small brim-wires that we also made up. I feel very certain that many of the women in this class will be making chapeaux this summer!

I also got a nice surprise when my hostess was able to download my photos from my camera’s memory card, so I can show some lovely pictures from Mac island this past weekend…

Fort Mac – an absolutely lovely place to knit on a June afternoon!

Han’s getting near the teen years – is this evident from the photo? I love Gerry in this photo – that’s a shirt that I got him at the E Bauer outlet, an early Father’s Day present.

Here’s the view from our hotel room – the kids are having a blast in the lake (pink sky, pink water, pink kids…) The water was cold, but they wouldn’t admit it and would have rather spent 10 minutes in the lake than an hour in the pool That’s BORING!

Max found a horseshoe on the island, and it made him incredibly proud and happy! Hannah was a little miffed that she didn’t find one, too, but Max had the eagle eye on the way out of the butterfly house and spied the horseshoe first.

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