2 busy 2 write 4 long

I’m insane.

It’s amazing to be home – as I climbed into bed last night Gerry was sleeping (he goes to bed a few hours before me) and I just thought about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and healthy family. I’ll be knocking wood all day…

Being home centers me, I’m able to work through my deadlines, figure out what MUST be done NOW, and what can be held off for a few days. I have yarn to send out to some knitters, some sweaters from another knitter which was returned and has to be knit up quickly. I finished the self-bra tank top yesterday and I’m REALLY happy with it. I also received one of the BIG projects, a dress, and I’m happy with it, too! Blocking is an amazing thing – it makes fabric drape so nicely – and that’s just what this dress needed. Now to do the finishing (sewing in sleeves, collar, hem) and move on to the NEXT project.

This book is a big, big project.

I’ll write more when I have more time. Right now my mind is so focused on getting the work done that I can’t really spend time blogging. But I will soon – promise!

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