REAL Quick!

Applying makeup in Pittsburgh at Knit One. Did I mention that the shop has TERRIFIC light?

Once again, I apologize that this is such a short blog entry …

I’ve been knitting like a maniac, writing up patterns, rechecking patterns, other stuff. I have so friggin’ much to do and it IS getting done, but my goodness it’s hard to knit in the heat!

Here’re a few things that I made / finished in the past 2 days:

This dress was knit by Laura in Texas – she sent the pieces to me and I finished it (sewed it together, blocked it, make the collar and belt, sewed the picot hem.) It’s hard to tell, but the hem is really lovely, and the dress looks EXACTLY as I envisioned it! It’s worked in Louet MerLin

The Raspberry Silk & Mohair confection was my TNNA project – If anyone saw me working on something at TNNA, it was this… This top has a built in shelf bra (which I have to add elastic to…) and the strap placement is still in debate. My hope was to make a sexy tank top that anyone could wear – we’ll see… The yarn was a dream – Artyarns Silk Rhapsody, Regal Silk and Silk Mohair. Fun!

The blue and white ‘restoration’ inspired kimono top (blue and white, in Karabella Vintage Cotton) was started by a knitter, then returned to me after some discussion about the amount of yarn yet needed, etc. It knitted up faster than I’d expected, and used less yarn than either of us expected, but then again – I wasn’t expecting to knit it up!

Tonight my plan is a corset, and a hat tomorrow. Then I’ll have a goodly amount to take to my editor on Wed so she can take herself off of the heart medication. I’ll stay on mine for a bit longer…

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