I can type as fast as I knit, really…

So why don’t I write? I don’t call, I don’t write, I’m beginning to feel that I don’t love me…

Yesterday was a city day – and lucky for me it was a relatively cool one. My editor at Potter and I had lunch (VIEWS OF CENTRAL PARK!) and then went over the projects, projecting due dates (I’m really in much better shape thanI was afraid of…) and discussed book stuff (styling the sweaters, etc.) The “2 hour meeting” ended up eating about 6 hours of my day, but that’s the way it always is…

I got a butt-load of knitting done yesterday, though, and a further butt-load today. (That’s a technical knit-designer term, it’s equivalent to five “bunches” or exactly 75% of a crapload.) and feel in good shape to run down to Maryland for some bueno teaching this weekend at two of my favorite locations. Ah, Jacqui, I can hear those corks squeezing themselves out of the bottles right now! And dear Ellen, is my room in the manse ready?

Honestly, you’d think I’d be full up with the travel, but I’m really looking forward to another drive in the ol’ PT (I got it washed up yesterday – it GLOWS!) And, as always, teaching energizes me in ways nothing else can.

So, I’m relatively sanguine and ready for some prime TV watching tonight. On PBS a show begins on The Monarchy (a secret passion of mine, early British kings and queens) and that seems like GOOD knitting viewing!

I’d post photos of the corset that I worked up in 2 days (not one – definite bust and sleeve rip-out and reshaping angst) but I have that pesky camera cable problem and haven’t hied my sorry buttock to ye olde Circuit City to get a cable or a card-reader. I am a layabout.

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