Porcelain Goddess

I’m sick. I’ve been up since around 4:00 paying homage to the porcelain goddess, and she’s done NOTHING to help me. So much for religion.

THIS is why I shouldn’t have come home to all those kid germs (and the multiple graduation ceremonies, and the trip into NYC, and my already compromised immune system due to my long teaching gig) I tried knitting to settle my stomach and take my mind off of whatever stomach flu thing this is, but I can’t even finish a row.

More late. Hve to run.


It’s official – I’m here in SO for the weekend, chained to the bed or bathroom (don’t get excited). I’m off to sleep. The kids are watching Zathura and they’re FIGHTING over the ending, is that priceless, or what? Oh, f’heavens sake, kids, be quiet.

I am very, very sorry that I’m cancelling my gigs this weekend. If you were supposed to go to a class which I was to teach, email me and I’ll send you a consolation pattern (your choice) off of my website. I am so sorry, really. I know how bereft I feel when something I’m looking forward to is cancelled, and I can commiserate. I feel very sad, too.

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