Rembrance of Roadtrip Past

Here are some photos from my recent trip – photos I meant to post while on the road (if I hadn’t left my camera cable in a hotel room…)

This is a water tower in Ypsilanti, MI.

Apparently cities that start with a vowel are turn-ons.

I stopped at a Steak n’ Shake, and ordered a burger. When I told the guy all I wanted on it was lettuce, he took me VERY seriously. Salad on a bun.

Driving down to Indianapolis I stopped in Auburn, where we lived for a few years when I was little. This was our house on the corner of First and Main Sts, I loved that house so much (the cruiser is parked over on the corner)

While we lived in Auburn my dad managed the Gamemaster Coat Factory, which was housed in the Auburn Cord factory. I think that was the last incarnation of the plant before it was finally bought back and refurbished as a museum. The architectural details, though, were the same as I remembered. How weird it was to walk into Mr. Cord’s office and have a flashback of my own dad’s office 40 years ago.

In the gift shop was a photo of one of the Cord cars in front of a dry goods store named after my husband. Not really, but a girl can dream. I liked the coincidence, though – very groovy. See, the guys in the photo are angels…

And, as you know, I have this thing about institutional bathrooms. Perhaps this was the genesis of it?

When I got to Indianapolis I walked past the fountain in the circle

… and had the strongest urge to jump in. I didn’t. Indianapolis thanks me.

Pertinent to Nothing
While I was sick over the past few days I found myself thinking about the great beyond, which brought up the idea of an afterlife, which made me ponder different folks’ conceptions of heaven, which led me to universally accepted beliefs (there are none) and that made me ask myself, “Wouldn’t the terrorist bombers be pissed if they get to paradise and find out the virgins are guys?” Just asking.

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