I should be in bed…

…but I’m not – I’m blogging. Watching the Goo goo dolls on the Tonight show (I’m a Letterman person, but there’s some time delay so Conan’s not on yet, Tonight show’s running late.) and finishing up some knitting stuff.

I just FINALLY finished the baby piece for VK – that goes to them tomorrow (Fedex) and it completes my non-Romantic Knits obligations that are due before my RK due date. The moving due date – creeping up, creeping back – like some slasher in a bad teen horror film.

Aside from a few garments that need to be finished, and a few that I’m waiting on, most stuff is in. There’s some repair work to do (98% my fault – mistakes in patterning, changes in the look of something, etc.) but I’m putting that off until I get the garments to the finished stage. Tonight I passed off some yarn to a local knitter who’s working up a pair of opera gloves for me (Hi, Jann!) and I’m hoping that yarn’s arrived to another glove (mitt) knitter and a stocking knitter over the weekend (or will arrive very soon.)

I didn’t get a heckof a lot done today – it’s the 4th, for heaven’s sake! Gerry worked today, and Hannah wanted to go to the 4th parade in Montclair, NJ with her friend, so Max and I went to the South Orange Bike Parade by ourselves (he won a medal – everyone always wins a medal) then to the grocery and back home to prepare for a few guests.

Happy 4th, China!

We had an incredibly low key barbeque dinner, spent a lot of nice, quiet time outside talking with our friends while our kids ran wild around the backyard – I love our backyard. Sparkers, lightening bugs, and Hannah and Maxie went to fireworks with friends while Gerry cleaned up and I knit like a maniac. Another perfect 4th.

One of my friends who was over put on the knit dress for a photo – doesn’t it look nice on a real person! I’m so excited!

The plane reservations, cottage reservations and rental car have all been booked for the last weekend in August in Minnesota! We’ll be staying about an hour outside of Minneapolis, we’ll be there in time to attend the State Fair and we’ll be on a lake with fishing for the kid (they LOVE to fish!) We’re all pretty excited – it will be the first flight in about 7 years for either kid, and THAT part is really thrilling for them! Minnesota, here we come!

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