Breathing is Highly Overrated

I haven’t written about my lung sturm und drang lately because it’s just been so beside the point, but with the hot, hot, and humid weather it’s been a little overwhelming.

I’ve noticed that when I’m away from NJ for more than a week, my breathing is much better – and when I come home it gets worse. I never had asthma until I’d moved to the NY area, and – like many in this area – I noticed a definite diminishment of lung capacity after the air was clogged with post 911 smoke and chemicals. We live about 15 miles from the WTC – whether that’s been a factor in my breathing is hard to tell for sure.

At any rate, the breathing has been bad over the past few weeks – worse than usual – almost as bad as it was in the Winter. With the very, very hot weather lately it’s been worse, but today it seems the skies have opened up and along with hurricane strength winds the Newark area also experienced a cold front (HOORAY!) and it’s just lovely now.

We’re having our house painted – getting ready for potential buyers – and those fumes are dreadful. I plan on spending a LOT of time out of the house in the next few weeks, knitting at the library and writing from the park on my mac. And, hopefully, breathing well.

We’ll see how the week in Minnesota this August affects my breathing – not being able to get a deep breath just sucks.

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