Woodwork Glistening in the Sun

It’s hard to work when the house is in upheaval – and we are in UP-friggin-HEAVEALL these days due to the fact that we’re painting the entire interior of the house.

Oy. Every room is filled with crap from some other room, it’s like all of the rooms are cheating on each other, and it’s making me pretty damned SOAP.

More pain(t).

Upon awakening (sore and hurtin’ from assisting in the painting of Hannah’s room yesterday – we’re painting the walls and the painters are doing the trim in the bedrooms and living room) I realized that Gerry hadn’t moved any of his stuff out of his office and THAT was on the painting slate for today.

So the kids and I worked like maniacs to move everything into Max’s bedroom (the designated holding tank for errant books, computers and tchakes) and I ripped three wooden valances off of the walls above the windows (I have hated them since we moved into this house) and flung them out into the back yard. The sharp, shooting pains in my back were worth it to hear my son admiringly say, “Mommy, you’re STRONG!”

One can only hope he wasn’t referring to the fact that our shower’s been out of commission for 2 days while they spackle the bathroom.

Here are the colors that we’re using – the woodwork is all Decorator White (and gleaming like a CloseUp Ad!)

In the midsts of the mishigas I’m working on my Folk Style projects and I think I may be making a dress for a friend who will be attending the Emmys. … MAY

It would certainly be a thrill for me! We’re discussing a very simple princess line, scoop neck long dress worked up in a ribbon yarn along the lines of this, but floor length – quel coup! (thanks Athena!)

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