So Much For The Manicure!

I did some brief painting this morning (I had the brilliant brainstorm to paint around the windowsills, doorways and above the floorboards so that when the paid, professional & skilled painters painted the trim we’d have the hard part done. Then later when we go back to paint the room we won’t have to do so much taping and precision work. A dirty trick on the painters, but that’s why we’re paying them the big bucks, eh?

So I did the “halos” around trim targets in our room and Gerry’s office, then did some work, did some pattern writing and decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at my favorite nail salon. I’ve experienced FOUR different owners of this nail salon, some are very chatty, some are all business – some bring in a whole new staff and some re-hire the previous staff. The new owner is one of the chatty ones, and we had a nice conversation while my nails were being painted a nice pink and my toenails turned bronze. Woohoo!

Then some more house shopping (shades, baby), some book shopping, some grocery shopping and home to my house which is turned even MORE upside down than ever furniture stacked in the living room, not one room is unaffected at this point!

A little more knitting work, then the kids were home from camp (trip to Sesame Place today) and we had a nice purchased dinner of baked chicken and broccoli. LOVE that Costco chicken! The entire family was camped in the basement for evening TV, so I took the opportunity to return to the drop-cloth draped and taped living room and I painted all of the non-trim walls a nice light pumpkin color (more butternut squashy) while listening to Bill Sheafer’s book on CD. A nice evening. The cat was outside yowling over a mouse, the dog was at my feet for the entire paint job, and I finished early enough for Gerry to clean up my paint brush.

Off to shower and see if I can salvage the manicure. I’m meeting with the PR folks from Potter tomorrow and I wanted to look publicity worthy – ha!

But the living room looked good, and with any luck it will STILL look good in the morning light when it’s dry. I’ll cross my paint encrusted fingers.

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