The Painters Are Gone (temporarily…)

But not forgotton –

They’ve pretty much finished up in all the rooms but Max’s, and they’ll be coming back to do that room when we’re able to empty it out and get it ready (right now it’s the recepticle for all the furniture and books from the other rooms – lucky Max, huh?)

The living room is by FAR our favorite! Today I put up blinds (Ikea) and I’ll put up curtains as soon as we get some wood screws. The air conditioner is back in and we’re relatively cool – funny how easily one becomes used to the cool, conditioned, de-humidified air.

There still seems to be SO much work to do – it’s overwhelming – but it has to be done. Putting back together is harder than taking apart. That’s the Pottery Barn theory of house painting.

The color we used for the living room was Behr’s Pumpkin Butter – it’s just wonderful! It matches my Yellow Ware bowls – wahoo!

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