Birthday Bonanza

I’m off to Target with the insane redheads to buy birthday gifts for 5 friends (FIVE) and for two older friends of mine. Yep, THAT’S how I like to spend a Saturday.

Who knew we had so many Leo friends?

Then it’s back to work. I’ve not been posting as often as I’d like because I’ve been furiously writing, writing, writing – and in between that pattern checking, question answering, knitting, more pattern writing, more knitting, and just living!

It was the last week of camp so there were talent shows and goodbye parties, etc., and those things are necessary and eat a LOT of time. It’s good though, to interact with other parents (on the other hand, that’s where I was handed 3 of the above mentioned party invitations…) and always good to get to say Thanks to the teens who were summer camp counselors and wrangled the kids.

The camp is something I’ll dearly miss when/if we move. There are so many good things about South Orange – and number one in my book is how truly (and beautifully) diverse this town is. We live in a very special place.

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