No Time For Celebration

The manuscript for Romantic Knits was delivered into my editor’s hot little hands this morning by my most wonderful husband (thanks, Gerry!) YAY! Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s finished, no – not by a long shot – but it’s like a game of hot potato and it’s in Potter’s hands now (hot potter-tato?) It will come back to me, I’ll scramble and do revisions, but until that day I can forget the words Romance and Knit.

Well, not exactly.

I’m finishing up two items for Folk Knits, a vest based on a Chinese silhouette from the 19th C, and a Kaftan based on an Armenian example from a bit earlier.
The yarns weren’t my original choice, and they’re not bad, but it’s amazing how working a yarn different than you’ve envisioned puts a crimp in the ol’ artistic vision. I’m being too precious, must be all that Project Runway I’ve been watching…

AND – [drumroll] – I’m making headway on the Emmy Dress. It’s red now, not blue (which I find VERY exciting since it will look amazing on the actress) and it’s silk ribbon (which is exceptionally beautiful – and actually washes very nicely – but man, it’s not the fastest stuff in the world to knit up!) I started the bodice this afternoon – here’s 4 hours of knitting. Yeah, I know, it’s a lot like the top of the corset, but the shaping is different and it will be a tea-length dress (if not floor…)

I’m preparing for a class down in Maryland this weekend (hi Jacqui!) and I’ll be attending the photo shoot for Romantic Knits Oh, right, I wasn’t going to use those words… It was a ROUGH weekend, you see, lots of math. My kids know when to avoid me “Mommy’s in math hell right now – stay away!” and I don’t see how I could EVERY have made sense of this whole mishigas without Donna – thank you SO much, Donna!! She still wants to see some of the items to double check the math, and that gives me the willies (not in a bad way, just in a – “Geeze, I hope I’m not screwed up!” way) but as soon as I’m able I’ll send them off to her.

Hopefully I’ll have some interesting background shots of the shoot. I’m not 100% sure if my editor / the Potter folks are totally down with me being at the shoot, but they’ve been very welcoming and I really DO want to see how these things are styled. The stylist is coming from San Fran, as is the photographer, and they’ll be staying out in Long Island. This is going to be an most beautiful book!

Apparently on Wed afternoon/evening there’s a fitting out there, and I KNOW that at least one dress has to be lengthened, so I really want to be there (and would like to just stay over so I don’t lose all that knitting time sitting on the Belt Pkwy)

Driving out to Long Island and back – not my idea of a wonderful time – especially at rush hour! Thank heaven for books on CD!

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