I <3 Eddie Bauer

There’s no key for [heart], so I’m using the Omega. Perhaps this is better?

I  Eddie Bauer

But is it possible for non-mac folks to see that?

At any rate, I do love my EB. I’m a tall woman, those who’ve seen the latest IK know that I’m a broad broad, too. I don’t like to be too fussy-dressy, and it’s hard to find large-ish, tallish clothes that don’t look too fussy or too lacey or too much like one is trying to pretend that one is 17 with a 32″ bust. Even when I WAS 17 I didn’t have a 32″ bust.

So, I (^) Eddie Bauer. Does anyone have a cute type symbol for heart?

Things I’ve bought that I also love…

My Scunci

Nutrogena Wrinkle & Blemish Wash & Moisturizer (I bought this in Indianapolis when I lost my other moisturizer, and now I’m totall hooked – I love it!)

Softsoap Cashmere Body Wash (I adore this stuff, I put it in little bottles and take it with me when I travel – but not in my carry on luggage anymore…)

I have NO reason for mentioning these items – no affiliation with ANY of these products – but I love to hear what other folks use on their faces, etc., and I like to share. My neighbor swears by TONE soap, but has a hard time finding it, so whenever I’m shopping and I see it I pick some up for her.

Oh, Yeah – Knitting…
I’m knitting, knitting, knitting like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s where the Emmy dress is right now – fitting today went BEAUTIFULLY and it looks wonderful! The actress bought a standby dress shaped like this one (she didn’t realize!) as a safety in case there’s a terrible knitting incident. Or she doesn’t like it. So see, it’s kind of like my own personal project runway…

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