Rounding Third

I feel as if I’m coming to the end of a long, long summer of work!

The Emmy dress is going pretty well, I think I should be able to finish it by Wednesday. I have two pieces that I’m putting the finishing touches on (is a sleeve a finishing touch?) that I have to send out this evening to Colorado. With the finish of those three pieces my summer of work will be complete. Oh – and a class in Minneapolis on Thursday (the day we arrive in the Twin Cities…)

This weekend I taught at Woolwinders in Rockville, MD and it was a joy – as always! I taught a knitting with beads class, my first time teaching it, and it felt like a successful out-of-town tryout. Thanks, Jacqui, for once again giving me such a great group to try my material out on!

I love Jacqui’s shop, I love her customers and her staff – such wonderful folks! After a few days of the photo shoot I drove down on Saturday (a 3-1/2 hour drive that took about 7 hours this time… yikes! BAAAAAAD traffic on 95!) It felt great to arrive, sit down to dinner with Jacqui and her knitting husband Lew and sons, have a great dinner and then settle in for an evening of knitting. Life is good!

After the second class was over on Sunday I drove back home (this time up 15 to 81 to 78 and I was home in 3-1/2 hours!) and settled in here for another evening of knitting. Life continues to be good.

Except for the stress of deadlines; which are never fun – and the stress of trying to find common ground between different editorial and artistic visions; which is only to be expected – it’s been a wonderful summer of working at home.

Oh, How We Danced
Thirteen years ago today Gerry and I were married. It was exactly 9 months to the day after he’d heard me on the radio (that’s how we met…) and – even with the rough spots – I think we both feel pretty happy and lucky. Some days happier and luckier than others… I n celebration today was the first day that we had our lawn cut for us by Anthony & Son (Tony) and I’m very happy we did. Our lawn mower broke 2 weeks ago, I could tell Gerry wasn’t 100% thrilled with shopping for a new one, and with us going away for a week and perhaps putting the house up on the market it seemed like a good idea to just have the lawn done for a spell. So far, so good! My own anniversary gift to Gerry –

I didn’t realize that today was the day my segment on knitting the corset top would be on Knitty Gritty, but there it is! I found out because I’d received about 15 orders in an hour for the pattern (it’s slowed down, that must have been when it was first on!) and I KNEW something was up! I haven’t been in touch with them about doing a show this year – I really should – but I just can’t see how I can spare the time, etc. Oy. It’s so much planning because the guests have to pay for themselves to get out there, so I have to line up teaching gigs, etc., to make the trip pay. If you saw the segment and liked it (I don’t have cable so I never get to see these – happily!) and/or just like Knitty Gritty in general, please email the DIY network and let them know – that would be a great favor, thanks! When they hear from happy viewers, they’re more likely to keep a knitting show on the air!

Oh, for those who are interested, the Corset Pattern DOES have an additional little extra pattern for adding sleeves!

Photo Free
I left my camera in Maryland. At least, I hope I did! I can’t find it – so I’m thinking I left it on the table in the yarn shop. No pictures for a bit… Darn!

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