Models Are Brave

You’ll notice this model is sitting mere inches from the GIANT CICADA-KILLER WASP that invaded our shoot. We had these in our front yard a few years ago, so I sounded frighteningly like Cliff Claven (uh, yeah, your average cicada killer wasp won’t actually STING anyone, they’re more interested in killing cicadas, hence the name…) Eventually we gave up on this shot, but the wasp had nothing to do with it. Really. Honest.

Did I mention how spectacular and gorgeous Old Westbury Gardens were? I could have stayed here all day (hey, I did!) and I will LOVE going back for more visits. It’s not far from my Mother in law’s house – the kids would really love this place!

I have a traffic problem with Maryland – or, rather, with my drives to Maryland. This was a real DOOZIE, the Delaware Memorial Bridge was bumper to bumper, and it didn’t get any better for a LONG time. The drive took me a long time. I could have been knitting…

Look at this groovy truck. Cool, man. Anyone have any Doritos?

Obviously, I found my camera, it was in the pocket of one of my several Potter Craft Bags. Love those bags…

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