At Long Last – I Give You Emmy!

Now, be advised that I’m not sure if she’ll be wearing it, but it’s finished – we had a fitting and it looks really nice – a good color (and a bra dyed to match…) However, there IS a backup dress, and I told her that when push comes to shove she needs to wear the dress that makes her feel the most beautiful. We’ll see…

The yarn is Playful Weekend by Classic Elite. It’s a 100% silk ribbon, and when it’s knitted up it has the most wonderful velvety – suedey look to it, and it was a pleasure to knit with!

Here’s the front detail, and what the hem looked like after the crochet edging. Each row of that edging took me a half an hour – it’s a very FULL skirt…

It’s midnight, the car is coming at 5:00 to take 3 Landy’s and 1 Modesitt to the airport. The dog is at the kennel (and we miss him so much already!) The cats are arranged for (neighbor will be feeding and loving them.) The bags are packed except for toothbrushes. We have no liquids or scissors in our carryon luggage and the boarding passes are printed out. My big question/worry is that the hotel won’t let us check in early (so I can nap before my class tomorrow) but I have a feeling that will resolve itself.

So enjoy the Emmy’s on Sunday – if you see a beautiful black actress in a red knit gown, it might be mine!

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