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So we’re here at the Marriott in Eden Prairie (good location and a kitchenette – excellent for kids) and decided to run over to the Cub to get some groceries. As I’m feverishly bagging the groceries (I’m so out of practice) a voice behind me says, “Well, I hate to interrupt, but hello, Annie!”

I cannot believe it – how odd! A student from one of my classes at Yarnzilla when I was here last happened to notice Hannah (and Gerry and Max and me) and also happened to be bagging her groceries at the same time. So – the first time I’m ever recognized for anything in a supermarket and it’s in Minnesota. Is this a sign?

The kids are taking to this place like loons to a lake – or kids to a pool.

Please note that the temperature today was 68 and it was overcast – yet they INSISTED on swimming in the outdoor pool. I slept. Gerry did Dad duty while he read the help wanted page of the local paper.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to go up to Creative Fibers to teach a class on Combo knitting. I tried for quite a while today to get my handout to print in the “business center” here, but to no avail. It is the continuing saga of a girl and her inability to print out handouts…

After this class, I’m free for a week. Albeit, free with conditions – a LARGE box of yarn arrived for me here from Lana Grosso for a dress I’m working up for VK, just when I think I’m getting away they keep dragging me back…

I can’t wait to see who I run into at the Caribou Coffee – maybe an old college chum?

Oh – the piece de resistance – once again we’re in a PT CRUISER! Life is pretty damned good.

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