First Night At Chez Greenwater

We spent the day looking at homes in St. Paul (and saw some LOVELY ones!) getting new ones on our list and scoping out properties that we won’t be able to get into until later this week. I think the more we look the more we are settled on a Duplex (if we can find a good one – we’d love a side by side!) to help offset living expenses if a job isn’t in the immediate future for Gerry.

At least once every day I’ve asked myself, “Just why am I moving my family here?” and as soon as I have that thought Gerry or the kids says something like, “We really love it here!” Of course, this is after 2 days. I think I’m having an overwhelming sense of responsibility that if I’m the catalyst to move us here, I’ll be the one to blame if it doesn’t work out…

I said to Gerry, “What if we just moved farther out in NJ? Away from the really high taxes?” He answered that he’d still have the job he hates and a longer commute. The truth is, I feel in my heart that he needs a break with the NY area. As long as we’re near NYC, he knows that he can get steady money working Union jobs which don’t satisfy him, and create such an overwhelming sense of dead-end I’m-heading-nowhere-ness that infects all of us.

If Gerry isn’t happy, none of us can be happy – we all love him so much!

So we’re crossing our fingers that when/if we move here/somewhere he’ll find something that will make him feel more connected with what he loves, more appreciated and happier to go to work. I’m lucky – I can do what I do anywhere…

A Pharmacutical Thank You!
Going to Target or another pharmacy and having them call my Dr. at home was a GREAT idea – I’ll do that as soon as the pharmacy opens on Monday. As I said, I’m running low (not out) and if I do run out I think I can probably get a rescue inhaler at any Emergency Room, but who wants to get into that situation. I’m still tearing up my luggage looking for my spare, which is probably on my dining room table…

Things I’ve Noticed
In the first few days here we’ve definitely noticed that on the side streets drivers are so great, but on the highway they’re a whole other animal! I’ve also noticed that folks are very nice, very kind, wave a LOT, and also feel compelled to make comments about you (to you).

This morning while you’re working online in Panera’s, after I’d kissed the kids goodbye while Gerry took them off to the park so I could work online & answer email, an older man sitting next to me turned and said, “You know, there IS more to life than that computer…”

Yeah, thanks. I got that.

Not rude, just – well – interested – with the tiniest hint of judgement.

I’ve also noticed that my own annoying habit of talking to every baby I see is much better recieved here than in NJ (where sometimes I get the feeling folks think I’m about to walk away with the baby in question (Why would she pay so much attention to a kid that’s not hers?)

Dad To The Rescue
So we arrived at the rental and it’s much nicer inside than we had any right to imagine! Unfortunately, due to the really HOT weather here this Summer, the lake is an algae fest and not really swimable. Darn.

The kids were pretty disappointed, upset even, and I was thinking, “WHAT did we get ourselves into?” when after Dinner last evening Gerry said, “Hey kids, want to take the canoe out?” They paddled around the lake for a bit, enough to make them happier than I’ve seen in weeks, then home to the rental house.

Swimming is out, no fishing (no license!), but we can CANOE with the best of them!

Tomorrow is the State Fair, and Tuesday evening we’re going to a Twins Game (we’re sitting in the family section – anyone want to join us for a Stitch & Pitch?) The rest of the week will probably take care of itself, we’re leaving a lot of time open for the museums, the Mall of America (high on Hannah’s list) and the other stuff you guys are telling me about – thanks so much for the suggestions!

Further Assistance Requested
If any of you computer savvy folks are going to be watching the emmys, know how to tivo something and send it on to me (or youtube it or whatever…) I would so greatly appreciate it. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to actually SEE the emmy’s tonight (reception difficulties) and we definitely won’t be able to TAPE them. Just a shoutout to anyone who might do this relatively easily – I’ll be very, very grateful!!!

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