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I wanted to take a moment to assure my commentors & readers a few things:

• We’re not planning on buying the airplane house (and, yes, much of the ivy had been taken down before we visited, and I made my real estate agent nuts with my constant comments about how damanging vines can be to a mortar or stucco surface…)
• The Saratoga house is MUCH more charming than it looks in the picture – it didn’t thrill me, either, but once inside it was very nicely laid out. However, it’s probably not for us…
• Our real estate agent telegraphed his feeling that we could probably do better much more clearly, yet more subtly, than any of my girlfriends when I was dating an – ahem – loser. Thanks, Joe!
• If you’ve written and I haven’t answered, it’s because I’m insanely resting (not so busy, just resting. Sorry. I’ll catch up soon!)
• Yes, we really do want a house built before 1940. Really. Honest. and if there hasn’t been a lot of home “improvement”, so much the better! We just like to see routine maintenance and no shag carpet.
• I’m 45.
• Sara, you’re moving to MAUI????? When can I visit…?

I’m probably wrong, but I feel that we either looked at (or seriously looked into) every house for sale in the Twin Cities that is:

– built between 1900 – 1940
– with 3+ bedrooms
– priced between $250K – $400K
– with at least 2 bedrooms larger than 120 sq ft.
– with an extra space for an office
– with a reasonable sized yard (reasonable is debatable…)
– close to good schools / parks

and out of all of our searching the two I mentioned were the two that seemed the best fit for us. So much walking and looking and dreaming and opening and closing windows. I think I’m kind of a horror show about looking at houses – I walk in, I know what I want and if the layout is wrong (room size and floor plan) there’s just no point in trying to make it work. Then the windows & doors have to be working well, then the yard needs to be decent. On the list is also neighborhood safety (please bear in mind I live 4 blocks from Newark – and we have a very safe neighborhood – so my criteria may be a little different than the average home owner…) and general neighborhood feeling (tree coverage, kids on the block, house-pride among the neighbors, etc.)

We walk around the neighborhoods of houses we really like – and that’s a delight in Minneapolis!

So, for the present, our efforts are turned to getting Irving Ave ready for market (basement wall painted today, humidifier purchased, curtains hung in Gerry’s office, pictures up in the living room, new bathroom mats & towels, clutter managed in “Yarn Room,” and kids rooms straightened nicely…)

Tomorrow more finishing touches, and arranging for the garbage dumpster (and other professional appointments) to be delivered to our home…

If the house sells – St. Joseph? Are you listening? – we’ll either find a place toot-sweet in MN, or we’ll pack up and store the lions’ share of our posessions and rent a place until we’re able to find the perfect fit. Flexibility is a beautiful thing!

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