We have achieved Dumpster.

It’s a rite of passage here in NJ (I think it’s in the state constitution that everone has to have a dumpster on their property once every 15 years…) and we have a lovely Mauriello Bros Dumpster in our backyard. Now we start tossing things into it with wild abandon (and sitting on the rim with a shotgun to keep outriders from tossing their OWN stuff in it…) and that’s how we clean the house in New Jersey.

Yes, it really is as boring as it looks…

For a Virgo this is like Christmas. I have always been a thrower-awayer (much to the horror of my husband, Mr. Gerry “pack-rat” Landy) and in this house I own more than I ever have – much of it garbage. Early in our marriage – when we were purchasing our first computer together – there was the horrible Tearing The $1,000 Money Order In Half In The Envelope Incident That was very bad. As I said, it was early in our marriage, we were able to tape the pieces (all 128 of them) back together and get the bank to issue another money order. Probably my most essential “Lucy” moment. Oy.

I think this need to cast things off comes from a childhood of moving a LOT – losing a lot – feeling as if we needed to be ready to go in a few days. My dad had a business, he got sick, it did worse. He signed a personal note to keep the business afloat, then got sicker, and the company folded. House, cars, everything was gone (not in a dumpster) and for the next few years we moved a LOT!

For most of my high school and all of my college years my dearest hope was to own a home. When Gerry and I finally bought this house 8 years ago Hannah was 11 months old and Maxie was kicking his mommy from the inside. Bit by bit we’ve squirreled away stuff that should never see the light of day, and now it never has to – right into the dumpster!

So once we fill this dumpster up with yarn, we’ll bring the second one in for the household stuff…

Crochet Contributions
Basic Crocheting:
All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started

A few years ago I briefly held a job at a magazine which went kaput (not my fault, I swear!) In the course of this ill-fated endeavor, I met a writer, we corresponded about a few things, and that was that. She contacted me a while ago because she was working on a crochet book and asked if I’d contribute a few things. I did, and here it is! The projects are excellent, simple and interesting – very nice photography, too!

A Crocheter’s Stash of Wit and Wisdom

I’m wise – who knew? I had a short essay in Interweave Knits Crochet last year, and Kari asked me if she could include it in this collection. I’m in excellent company (how did I get to this party?) and I received the book yesterday and devoured it as my bedtime reading. VERY enjoyable – very nice!

Crochet Pattern -a- Day
2007 Day-to-Day Calendar (Calendar)

Here’s the last calendar of this kind that will have my name on it – I’ve passed the torch to Desiree Scales, the able Georgian who will be the editor of the 2008 calendar. The new one will be in stores very soon (if not already!) and I have hardly ANYTHING in it (cause for celebration for some…) Woohoo!

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