Physical Labor

The past few days have been a whirl of physical labor, with not much time for my brain work (stop snickering) and my needlework. So today – at least until Gerry or the kids get home – is devoted to sitting on my bottom and finishing some samples, finessing an intarsia chart, all that other good stuff…

Speaking of intarsia – wouldn’t these make a phenomental knit picture? This is the same bush that gave me these beauties 2 months ago. Hydrangeas are a beautiful mystery to me – right after our bad heat wave I noticed all of them all over town looked very sad – brownish on the flowers, dull – and now they’ve revived to this.

Today my house goals are:

Finish painting the trim in the stairwell to the basement
Get the downstairs office back in order (after Gerry painted the walls)
Make a BIG DENT in tossing out the growing pile of garbage in our basement (it’s ALIVE!)
Make sense of Gerry’s closet (we have 2 walk in closets off of our room, Gerry’s is barely a “crawl in” right now…)

I find myself looking forward so much to theHudson Cruise this weekend! We’ll be leaving from Newburg Landing at 4:00, and evening on the Hudson in September is one of the more beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. I adore the Hudson River Valley – it was where Gerry and I went for our Honeymoon (driving around in his old VW GT, fixing it along the way, just having a wonderful time!) It’s an amazing river, and huge thanks are due to the Riverkeeper organization for working so hard to restore it to a livable cleanliness. No matter how much they spend in advertising, GE will never convice me they bring “good things” to life…

Note to Kate: What’s BC? Where is it?

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