Can you believe that ABC is going to run a partisan lie of a “docu-drama” on the events leading up to 911 on Sunday – an exploitation to get ratings and to raise a certain political agenda? I’m stunned. They allude that this is based on the 911 report, but it contains dialogue and scenes that directly contradict the findings of the 911 commission. I’m hoping that this will force anyone who still believes the myth of the “liberal media” to reconsider.

If you’re as bothered by this as I am, please let ABC know it.

No matter what end of the political spectrum you sit at (and it’s pretty obvious where I am…) I think we can all agree that misinformation and fabrication masquerading as “facts” is a bad idea – especially relating to such a heart wrenching topic as the 9/11 attacks.

And while you’re at it, let Scholastic know that you appreciate them reconsidering their decision to hand out copies of this program as “educational material” along with a programming guide for school teachers. Oy. THAT was even more troubling, but not covered as much in the media.

As someone who lived 18 miles from the Towers, and lost friends in the disaster, I wish there were a moratorium on anything but serious, well researched DOCUMENTARIES on this event for at least 10 years after 9/11/01.

We continue cleaning, painting, cleaning, scrubbing, throwing away, cleaning, and doing a little washing up. Have I mentioned lately that my family’s Dutch? Gerry repainted the basement playroom / office and then, on the advice of our real estate agent, he painted the stairwel leading down to the basement. Since I’m taller and have a steadier hand, I did the trim and finished up the job while he started the daunting task of removing the big, foggy, sliding glass doors from the back porch.

It’s only been here 2 days and the dumpster is getting filled up! Amazing, huh? I am very proud of the cleanup job we all did in the garage yesterday, Hannah swept it and mopped it, and Maxie washed the bikes and took down the hammmock. It’s very good to get the kids involved in the whole thing, too (and having pizza for dinner for the groundbreaking 2nd day in the same week) didn’t hurt, either!

Gerry is working so hard that at one point he fell out of hte porch window (riding the window down as he jimmied it out of the frame) and leapt over it to avoid breaking it. I ran out to see him sitting on the back lawn with his hand over his heart (he thinks he pulled a muscle or bruised a rib). That was very scary, and I’m doing my best to get him to be sensible about all of this cleaning up!

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