To The Brim

The past few days have been so full of emotion – contemplating a move from a home and community we love, dealing with the 911 memories, dealing with the memories of all of my relatives who have passed since 911 (somehow I just lump all of that together in my mind (probably not a good idea, but it seems that, personally, 911 marked the start of a very painful period of loss and illness in my life.)

Right now I’m sitting at Panera’s – my favorite on-the-road place – because they have high speed wireless FREE for their patrons. Whenever I’m in a new place and have to check my email I look for a Panera (LOVE those coblestone muffins and iced coffee!!) or a library. If I can’t find one of those, I’ll do a Starbucks or Caribou Coffee or Barnes & Noble (they make you pay for wireless…) But Panera’s my first choice – and when I’m traveling with the family it generally means lunch or dinner, so we’ve become a wholly Panera lovin’ family. In that very short period between discovering a mass on my ovary and diagnosis and surgery some friends took me to the same Panera I’m sitting in now. That was 3-1/2 years ago, and I feel better than ever!

I’m here because they’re having a realtor’s Open House at my home today – I was just out of the shower when my realtor arrived and while she place my new rug in the upstairs hallway I changed into a simple black dress. It was sort of a fat middle-aged version of the quick change in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Was there ever anyone less Audrey Hepburn than moi? Atticus is on a lead in the back yard with his food and water and a few chewey treats, but when I left he was protesting LOUDLY. That’s our plan of action when folks come to see the house – I’ll tie up the dog, make sure he’s happy (!!) then go on a long walk to visit a friend or drive to Panera’s for some email work. We’ll see if a loudly barking dog in the backyard is a deterrent to any buyers. (Our backyard IS very long and he’s behind the garage, so it’s not like he slavering and howling right on the back steps… Once again, my neighbors LOVE me. Sorry Mr. Yuniyoshi.)

While I waxed the kitchen floor, painted the side of our furnace with rust-proof paint, installed 8 florescent lights (who knew I could do that?!) and shampooed the rug I watched Medium last night. Jeeze, I love that show – and it was my favorite episode. Gerry says that the husband’s voice sounds like Liam Neeson. (Gerry has a peculiar gift – he can hear any voiceover and identify the actor)

Well, Panera is filling up with real lunch eaters, so I’d better get back home to see how devastating the overall comments from the realtors who visited the family manse are!

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