Fish Eyes

The Amazing Race is back on the air, and life is good!

Our family LOVES this show – although they’re a little heavy on the beauty queens, models and cheerleaders this time around (if that bandana chick claps her hands one more time – oy~!)

I told Gerry that what they really need is a middle-aged interfaith couple, but it looks like that’s not going to happen…

I’m glad to see the hillbillies (I wonder if they’ll use that word at any time in the show…) but, well, they’re from Kentucky and my family’s from West Virginia, but I guess I’ll STILL root for them. I was actually very moved when Mary and the Single Moms were able to shimmy up that rope (AND the amputee!) – that’s a lot more physical than they’ve done so early in the show before! I seriously doubt that I would have been able to do that (and didn’t you feel rotton for the lovely Indian couple who worked so hard to get up the rope only to discover that they needn’t bothered?)

Hearing Mary’s accent makes me ponder the regional nuances of the Appalachian accent(s). My own family from Parkersburg has a slightly harsher sound (more R’s) than my mom’s family’s accent (a little softer, deeper in the throat, more like the Virginia Tidal accent) The Kentucky accent always sounded even harsher to me, a little more nasal than I’m used to. Oddly, Pittsburgh natives sound a LOT like Parkersburg natives – but when I hear someone from that part of the country on the radio or TV, I can tell… Now, wouldn’t THAT be a delicious new take on GBS’s Pygmalion?

I was pretty bummed to see them dive right into the Fish Eyes last night, though. I was hoping for a “heights” challenge. LOVE those…

Knowing Oneself Through Editing
When I’m under pressure to get stuff done, and feel a little stressed, I find that I learn a LOT about me. One thing I don’t have to learn – I know it already – I am NOT an editor. (I never said I was, I can’t pretend to be, and the fact that I despise it so much just raises my regard for those who DO editing. My hat is off to you! And it’s quite a hat!)

In this last go-round of editing Romantic Knits, I have discovered my inner stubborn, recalcitrant, 14-year old “Don’t bother me!” I realize that I really hate to be nudged. I hate it so much, that I can’t understand why Gerry remains married to me because I nudge him mercilessly (poor man…) So well-meaning emails and notes asking about the status of a project or how far I am on a certain pattern make me far more nutty and PO’d than I have a right to be. This, my friends, is why I love the email and hate the phone.

Scenario 1 – the Phone Call
Ring, ring, ring…
– Hello
– Hi, Annie – I just wanted to check and see how you’re doing on X project…
– I’ll tell you how I’m doing, *&*#&$^W* *#&$#(@#$ #&$#* *&*# THIS #*$&#* PROJECT, AND THE #*&$(#& PROJECTS THAT ARE #*&$(*( WAITING FOR ME!
– Oh, okay. I’ll just call back later… … when you’re not so busy… … goodbye.

Scenario 2 – the Email
Ding! (my own “you have mail” sound)
I open the email,
The email asks (innocently) “How’s it going?”
I swear
The email can’t hear me, it doesn’t take offence, it just waits for my response…

I go to the kitchen and get a glass of seltzer, I take a walk, I go to the bathroom and by the time I return I’m able to respond to the email in the spirit it was sent.

So, having just sent off the manuscript to my editor, incorporating many of Donna’s excellent changes and adding a few of my own, I’m ready to resume my knitting stance and get the BODY of this dress done tonight!

The Rose Dress
Rose – to answer your questions, it will (hopefully) be in Vogue Knitting – it will be a mini dress with an all-over rose & hydrangea intarsia. After I finish the blocks of color, I’m going back with duplicate stitching for the detail work, then some french knots in the hydrangea, some decorative chain embroidery for the leaves, and it should be stellar. I’m keeping the colorwork to a minimum (big areas, but spaced rather wide apart…) so that it’s not “too fussy”, to make it fun (rather than irritating) to knit. Fun is good.

I taught at Sticks and Strings yesterday (what a nice shop, and what NICE class members! We had a BLAST and I feel certain that everyone in the class will be major lace knitters the next time I see them!) and while I was away Gerry took the kids on a hike with the dog so our Real Estate Agent could hold her open house. We only had 6 folks come through, but one wants to come back (so far) and we have a ‘drive by’ coming tomorrow evening. I haven’t told the kids yet he’ll be here JUST in time for the Simpsons – that will be a heart breaker…

One Thing More!
As I was teaching yesterday one of my students, Sydney, showed me her lovely wooden needles. Today she sent me the link to buy them online (I’m tempted – even though I’m not a big wood needle user…) I really, REALLY liked the point on her needle – pointy with a little bit of a scoopy turn to it – really nice! Anway, here’s the link: Turn Of The Century And they’re from Ohio – bonus!

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