Max has night writing every evening, and according to his teacher we’re not supposed to help him with his spelling, etc., for the first few weeks so she can get a handle on where the kids need help. I didn’t read this note until a few days ago, so she’s probably thinking that Max has certainly fallen in his spelling and punctuation this week. It’s weird to check his homework, but not do anything about it…

He wrote this little essay the other day, it made me smile. I definitely think he’s perfect – or prfekt (he really does know better than that – obviously his self esteem isn’t based on mundane things like spelling… That’s not where his tlantlies.)

I’ve had a heavenly couple of days – no killer deadlines but one (and it’s not killer!), beautiful weather, an interesting knitting project and some new, interesting projects rolling through my head, and a painfully clean house. Ah, life is good! I received the box o’sweaters from my Men Who Knit book and am in the process of sending the samples out to knitters who chose to keep their sweater in lieu of payment (I didn’t offer this to everyone, and not everyone took me up on it, but it’s hard to release such lovely work – very fitting, though!) I, myself, am wearing a beautiful blue and green yoked sweater worked up in Lorna’s Laces SWIRL bulky and I adore it. I may just go scam a pair of socks, too…

Disks 2, 3 & 4 of the 2nd season of Project Runway arrived yesterday, and I watched them all. Can I just say how thrilled I am that Chloe won? I do realize that I’m 2 years behind everyone else, but it’s new to me! When I’m finishing a dress this is the BEST TV I could ever watch – and I have it on my computer so I can easily stop it and do closeups, back up, see details, etc. While watching it last night here’s what I was working on. It’s inspired by this Sonia Rykiel dress

Today and this weekend sleeves will be finished and embellished with the same viney pattern that runs around some of the roses. I actually worked up a sleeve with the intarsia design on it (my original concept) but it just looked like a big shabby chic sofa (why, here’s one I upholstered 7 years ago…) so I think the vine sleeves will be both more interesting and more flattering. I wanted the same feeling as where the seams meet on this slipcover, but it just looked dopey. Some things you really have to see in person to decide how much you don’t like them.

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